Niveles Doom 64

  • MAP01: Staging Area (Salida al nivel Super Secreto Hectic)
  • MAP02: The Terraformer
  • MAP03: Main Engineering
  • MAP04: Holding Area (salida al nivel secreto Outpost Omega)
  • MAP05: Tech Center
  • MAP06: Alpha Quadrant
  • MAP07: Research Lab
  • MAP08: Final Outpost
  • MAP09: Even Simpler
  • MAP10: The Bleeding
  • MAP11: Terror Core
  • MAP12: Altar Of Pain (salida al nivel secreto The Lair)
  • MAP13: Dark Citadel
  • MAP14: Eye Of The Storm
  • MAP15: Dark Entries
  • MAP16: Blood Keep
  • MAP17: Watch Your Step
  • MAP18: Spawned Fear (salida al nivel secreto In The Void)
  • MAP19: The Spiral
  • MAP20: Breakdown
  • MAP21: Pitfalls
  • MAP22: Burnt Offerings
  • MAP23: Unholy Temple
  • MAP24: No Escape
  • MAP28: The Absolution
  • MAP29: Outpost Omega (nivel secreto)
  • MAP30: The Lair (nivel secreto)
  • MAP31: In The Void (nivel secreto)
  • MAP32: Hectic (nivel super secreto)


  • MAP25: Cat And Mouse (nivel oculto)
  • MAP26: Hardcore (nivel oculto)
  • MAP27: Playground (nivel oculto)